Backside Nose Grind

You have to know how to B/S Crooked and B/S 50-50 before you try this.

It make seen strange but B/S Crooks are actually easier to learn then this. Anyway come up to your target parallel like a B/S 50-50. Ollie up and do much like a B/S Crooked. Just come over top and press down on your nose. This is a lot like a B/S Crooked because the only difference from this and B/S Crooked is that on the B/S Crooked you come on a 45 degree angle. This you come even. On a B/S Crooked you grind on a 45 degree angle. On this you come even. This shouldn't be too hard to learn. Just take half an hour and you should be really close if not already doing them. The easy way to get out is to Nollie shove. You can 180 too but that is a little harder.

Good Luck!
By: Tom-E

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