Backside Half-Cab Kickflip

This is a good trick to learn it looks cool and isn't all that hard to learn after you can land your Kickflip and half-cabs.

Ok Start off going fakie (backwards) You should know how to Varial flip and fakie Varial flip. Ok now do a half Kickflip half Varial flip thing. The only difference is that when you do your Varial flip you have to spin with the board. There is two ways to do this. Do it like a Kickflip 180 where you think its a Kickflip 180 of where you think its a Varial flip with a body Varial. I kind of think both at the same time. If you cant do the full 180 Kickflip try doing a 90 Kickflip then working up until you have the full 180.

Good Luck!
By: Tom-E

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