Backside Crooked Grind

For this trick you should be able to b/s nose slide and it would be good to know how to b/s 50-50 but not completely needed. Come at your target at an angle around 45 degrees. When you are about a foot away pop down and ollie. Get high and transfer your weight to your front foot as you are moving your front foot on the nose of your board. Your back should be a little further back then the middle of the board. Once you land keep enough weight on the front of your board to still be in crooked grind postion but have enough back to be able to grind without falling forward. It will take a while before you can grind, although for some it might be right away. Once you can grind the easiest thing to do is just to twist 180 and come off switch. Shove its are also very easy to do and both techniques to getting off are almost the same as a b/s nose slide so I won't go over them.

Good Luck!
By: Tom-E

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