Backside Big Spin Flip

For this trick your big spins have to be down really, really good. You have to be able to do a 360 flip.

Go fakie at a comfortable speed. Your set up should be like your Big Spin but put your front foot on your Kickflip position. If you go faster the trick spins faster. Pop down the tail and try to start spinning the 360 a little bit before you pop so you do a 45 then pop. While the board starts spinning quickly flick your foot so the board starts to spin a Kickflip. Try not to get your feet all messed up with the board. While the board has finished the 180 you should have done a 90. Then when the board is totally finished the 360 flip you should be done your 180. This trick looks really cool and can be easy if you practice it a lot. Try to get high above your board, then it buys you time for the spinning.

Good Luck!
By: Tom-E

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