Backside 360 Pop-shove-it

Setup like you would for a 180 shove but put your back foot on the far end of the tail so the ball of your back foot is on the very, very edge of the tail. Have your foot on an angle like? up and down angle so your foot is about on a 45 so that your back foot is like on the side of the board. Your front foot can go wherever you want it to. Then pop down as hard as you can kicking your back foot inward toward your body. The board doesn't stay under your feet so find out where it goes and jump where it landed last time you tried. Then you might notice that the board spins really fast. That means your catch has to be a solid one. First try to do the 270 shove then go to the full 360. What I find really helps is that when you cut a strip on the tail of your board so you can see when your in the air where you have to catch it. You can draw a line on with chalk or if you have one of the grip tape stickers that have the companies logo of your board the that is as good as the chalk or cutting a line.

Good Luck!
By: Tom-E

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