Backside 180

– This is an ollie with a backside spin, or spinning to the side that your back is facing when standing in ollie position. In other words, a goofy skater would spin to their left, and a regular skater would spin to their right. This is sort of an akward trick compared to a frontside 180 mainly because your knees don't bend the way in which they would help you spin. The back foot is important once in the air and spinning the trick, because in most people, this is the spinning foot. Once you pop and your body is spinning, your front foot manages to push the board probably 90 degrees while the back foot pushes the board the rest of the way.

Read the guide to F/S and B/S if you are getting confused about what this trick really is.

If you don't care how nice your 180 looks, this can be a really easy trick for you but it might look sketchy. This trick can be a really nice one if you pull it down a gap and have these down pat. I will explain how to do them the nice way because the easy way looks bad and it isn't hard to learn.

Setup like you would for an Ollie and pop your tail down. Once your a bit off the ground twist your shoulders B/S and start dragging. This way you don't start your spinning on the ground, and the trick ends up looking nice. Once you finish dragging, or while you are, try to get the board as high up to you as you can for a nicer style. Once you are at 90 degrees in the air, start extending your legs for the impact (very important for gaps). Set your four wheels down and spread the weight out evenly over the board so you don't slip out.

I find this is easier to do when you have your stance a bit different than an Ollie. I like to keep my front foot up almost at the front truck's bolts. That way, when I am in the air it is easier to keep both of my feet over top of the trucks, giving the B/S 180's a nice style that looks clean and strong.

Good Luck!
By: Tom-E

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