Backside 180 Kickflip

Ahhhh.. The Backside flip. One of my all time favourite tricks. No skater shoudl be satisfied without this trick in their bag of tricks because trust me, this is one of the steeziest trick any skater can do. They are perfect for gaps, stair sets, games of SKATE, or just having fun!

For this trick, It would help if you knew:

Varial flips
Backside 180s

Foot positioning is VERY VERY VERY important for this trick. You must concentrate on the foot positioning greatly because if you don't, the trick just won't work out!


Front foot – Your front foot will need to be at about a 45 degree angle with part of your heel JUST hanging off the board. If you are goofy the part of your heel will be hanging off the right side of the board and if you are regular your heel will be hanging off the left side of the board. You will want the ball of your foot to be just about in the middle of the deck.

BACK FOOT – Your back foot will be at about a 5 degree angle on the tail with the ball of your foot on about the center of the tail. Having th ball of your foot in the middle of the tail is very very important in this trick so remember to remember it haha.

Now that we have the foot positioning down, we can move onto the flip of the trick.


FRONT FOOT – Just like a varial flip, not only are you going to slide your foot diagonally off the board to give it a flip, you always need to push it around so it does the shove as well as the flip but you only need to a bit. Make sure you remember this because you can't rely on your back foot for this trick. You basically have to do a varial when a body varial. Kepp that in mind.


You will not actually be doing a varial with a body varial, that's just waht the trick is.


BACK FOOT – Your back foot will be used to get the rest of the backside 180. This means that your back foot will pop the board and then you need to scoop it around so it does the backside 180.

This can be VERY trick and VERY scary at first but you will get the hang, do not worry.

At this point, the backside flip has spun.

I will recap the steps so far:

1. Get the Foot positioning

2. Flip the kickflip with your front foot and also give it a push so it does the 180

3. Use your back foot to flip it around so it does the back 180

So, now we are at the point where the board needs to be caught.


Unlike the frontside flip which is usually caught at 90 degrees and then brought around the rest of the way, the back side flip is basically caught at the full 180 degrees. It might be sscary at first to catch the backside flip but do not worry, you will get it.

So, when the board is spun at about 160 degrees – 170 degrees you will catch it. You must remember though that often the board will end up landing beside where you were so you have to jump with it. You will catch the board with both your feet at the same time and then stomp it so it doesn't flip any further.

You have now landed on a backside flip! Just roll away!

Now for trouble shooting!


Problem – I can't get it to spin full 180.

Solution – Make sure you use your front and back foot to propel the spin because doing that with just 1 foot won't cut it!

Problem – The kickflip doesn't flip right.

Solution – This is all in the front foot, be sure to slide it diagonally off.

Problem – I can't get it to stop hitting my legs!

Solution – suck your legs up, then stomp the trick after caugh!



[vid=bs-flip]- Ryan[/vid]

[vid=bs-flip-BlackWhite]- Black&White[/vid]