360 Flip

Before attempting to try or learn this trick you should be comfortable with spinning, flipping and leaving your board in general. To make sure you can do these things it is a good idea to know how to pop shove-it and kickflip. After mastering these tricks you are able to move on to the 360 flip. Most people think that you should know how to 360 pop shove-it and varial kickflip but those tricks are not neccesarily needed.

Now for the trick. The first step is foot placement, it varies from person to person on how the feet are setup to try the 360 flip. The general placement is the front foot is put in a diagonal position. Usually closer to the tail then a regular kickflip. The front foot is used for flick and extra rotation, most of the rotation comes form the back foot. The back foot is the key to this trick and it should be setup at an angle at the lower left or right hand corner of your board. The back foot flips the board and does mosst of the work, therefore the back foot placement is very important. Executing the trick.

Second step is flipping the board. Now that you have the placement of your feet you are ready to flip the board. To do this you have to pop hard and pull back with your back foot in order to get the full 360 degree rotation. The front foot is now flipping the board in kickflip roation while also giving it the extra oush to rotate 360. Both of these motions must be combined into one smooth proccess for the flip to be carried out.

Now for the final step. Once perfecting the flip you are ready to land the trick. This is the most tricky part of the 360 flip, you must learn your style of flipping the 360 flip and adapt yourself a pattern of were to jump after flipping the board. Soon after doing this you will be able to make the flip and land coincide to make a proper 360 flip.

Regular problems when learning the 360 flip.

I always land on the nose: When you realize that you are often landing on the nose with both feet after flipping the 360 flip, you should try to jump more in a backwards diagonal direction and keep your legs spread out to land on your bolts.

I cant flip the full 360 degree rotation: After trying many times and being unsuccesful at flipping the full 360 degrees you should try to to make your back foot pull the board harderand try to use your front foot to push in the direction of the 360 flip to help the back foot in the rotation.

*WATCH THIS VIDEO IT IS VERY HELPFUL* http://www.skateboarding.com/skate/video/0,23430,1125203-965150,00.html

By: shiftysk8r
Good Luck!

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