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Sony VX1000 FAQ

By Rasa Libre Revo... at 2006-11-25 20:28
I'm bored as ***** I guess I'll tell you guys everything you need to know about the Sony VX1000 if you ever intend on buying one.
How old is the VX1000?
The VX1000 was realeased in 1995, but was discontinued in 1999. You can ONLY get them on eBay or the SP classifieds nowadays.
what are the benifits of having a VX1000?
The VX1k (when put in the right hands so to speak) can offer the best looking colors and sound for the price. VX2_00's seem to have a light blueish tint in most footy, and are more expensive (duh).
What are some drawbacks of having a VX1000?
Well, since the VX1k is an 11 year old camera, which is not manufactured anymore, finding parts or getting it fixed can be difficult. Another drawback is night footy. In almost ANY situation involving the VX1k and darkness results in disgusting grain. This CAN be prevented, however. You need to have a good amount of lights. There is also a way to get rid of the grain in After Effects, but I'm not too sure how to do that. I'll get back at you on that one.
What are Custom Presets?
Custom presets are what make the colors really good looking if you set them right. Press the menu button inside the Battery Chamber (it;s on the right, it;s hard to miss) and go to Custom Presets. There are a lot of CP's, but the only ones you really need to play with are Color Level, WB Shift (ALWAYS keep WB Shift at 1 setting RIGHT of the middle), and Sharpness. CP's can either be the life saving colors or the death of your footy's quality.
Where is the Steadyshot Switch?
Open the BC Door and look on the door. there;s one that says steady shot that's located up top.
What is an ND Filter?
well the nd filter doesn't necessarily make your footy look better. It's just like a built in filter you would use for a digi camera or something. I can't remember off my head, but if you turn it on/off it greatly affects the amount of light that enters the camera. So lets say you're filming at dusk and your down in db's which isn't that cool because it's digitally brightened up(grain). So you switch your nd on/off(can't remember) and that will make it brighter, so you can ease off the db's and go back into f stops, which will reduce the grain. Also, if you wanna get a shallow depth of field, which requires a low f stop like f.2 or so, you can use the nd filter to allow you do reach that low of a fstop without making your scene extremely over exposued.
CREDIT: Tomiger RoPort
What are the best Night footy settings?
Shutter Speed- PROGRAM AE until it's on the setting with the little Moon symbol.
Exposure- between 9dB and 18dB
ND Filter- in most cases, off.
Should I capture or playback on my VX?
[="6"]NO.[/]But it is optional. I just don;t like to sine the VX is so old. I dunno, it;s up to you. I shouldn;t be making desicions for since I'm 2 days old.
What kind of batteries do I use in my VX1000?
Simple, one kind. NP-F730's or NP-F730H's. NP-F730H's last longer compared to the 730, but are a little more pricey. the best place to order VX batteries is powergears.com (search Sony VX1000 or NP-F730).
But how do you know the NP-F730 is the only battery for the VX1000?
Well, the way you can tell is the only battery that works in the VX1k has physical differences to a VX2k battery. VX1k Battery:Click
Notice how the battery has those grooves on the side? Yup, that's the VX1k battery. VX2k batteries have no grooves, since they do not go into a chamber in the back of the camera.
What is the difference between the Japanese VX1k and the American VX1k?
Well, if you're american, not much. It's still in NTSC, not PAL, but the Jap VX has a 16:9 Setting. 16:9 is Widescreen, you know, those black bars on the top and bottom of your TV when you watch a DVD? that's 16:9. If you want 16:9 on your American VX, you need to dish out some funds for a 16:9 Converter. Adorama.com is the cheapest place to get one...$700 <_<
What if my VX1000 breaks? Where could I send it?
Well, like I said earlier, it;s hard to get your VX1k repaired since it;s so old. The cheapest and most reliable repair shop is Video Electronics
How about fisheye's?
There are really only 2 options.
1. A modified Raynox MX3000 (the guide to mod it is everywhere, google it)
2. Century Mark 1 Death Lens
Incase you didn;t know, the MK1 whips the SHIT out of the Mark 2 (VX2_00 fish) in wideness, but doesn't it doesn;t have a sunshade, which leaves the MK1 really vulnerable to damage. There also is not any gay,annoying red lens flares when using a MK1 on your VX1k.
The Raynox...ehhh, it;s a cheap alternative, it's also wider than the MK1 intermediate (MK1 for VX2_00), but the quality of the glass is not as good as the MK1's.
I'm making a short film and I want to get a good mic. Which one should I get?
Well, there;s only one answer to that question. XLR MIC AND ADAPTER! adorama.com has the adapter and the mic. XLR mics deliver insane quality sound at an affordable price (Well, atleast the adapter...:-P)
What is the best bag for my VX1000?
The Lowepro Mini Trekker is a good one, and so is the Ogio Ty bag. the Ty bag is pricey though, atleast $150-200, while the Mini Trekker is $80-100. ALSO, VERY IMPORTANT. To prevent your microphone being snapped off, get a wrist band, padding from your mini trekker, any soft material that can take impact, and put it in the little space between the VX body and the Microphone.
Well, I hope you know more about the VX1000 now rather than before you woke up this morning. If you have any questions, PM me and I'll be happy to answer them.

by drizzle on Sat, 2006-11-25 20:32
nice. very detailed.

by $0uL1CiTii*~ on Sat, 2006-11-25 20:35

by martinmaginn on Sun, 2006-11-26 05:20
Sweet man, I'm now considering getting one as I don't even have a camera suitable for filming.

by Hot Pie on Sun, 2006-11-26 17:29
I dissagree about always having wb shift one to the right, it entirely depends on the situation. ND filter filters out light, never use it at night. and never use shutter ae, ever. use 1/60 indoor and at night, if your filming at night get a light.

If you are new to filming don't buy a vx.

by Newbert on Wed, 2006-11-29 17:31
um......who the hell cares?

by $0uL1CiTii*~ on Wed, 2006-11-29 18:55
Originally Posted by Newbert View Post
um......who the hell cares?
gtfo n00b

by filmsallday on Fri, 2010-08-20 14:28
VX1000/MK1 is the best skateboarding camera, hands down

by small-joe on Fri, 2010-08-20 14:30
Originally Posted by filmsallday View Post
VX1000/MK1 is the best skateboarding camera, hands down
cute 4 year bump babe.


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