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By Iskatehard at 2009-03-31 21:08


You're going to want to have kickflips on the lock. Be sure you're able to do these comfortably and that you are able to maintain proper control of them. If you're unable to do this, it's very likely this trick may post as too difficult for you to control

Frontside Pop Shove It

Frontside shoves are just as important as the kickflip when concerning this one people. The controlling of a hardflip is a bit different than the controlling of a frontside pop shove it, but it's still very important you can do so.

Other Skills: 

Having the ability to frontside flip isn't necessary, but it is certainly something that wouldn't hurt!

What You May Find Useful: 

You might want to experiment with different looks of this trick. While it's most popularly done inverted, some skaters find that they prefer the look and feel of having the board a bit more leveled out.


You're going to want your back foot positioned comfortably in the pocket if the tail, similar to the position for frontside flips. You may move your foot around this area a bit you feel you need to do so in order to help you control the popping of this trick and your ability to jump a little higher than usual.

Your front foot will want to be positioned similar to how you would if you were doing a kickflip. However, you'll want to move it a little further back on the board. I personally think having the front foot just an inch or two above the middle of the board is the best position. You'll want to try scooting your foot around a little bit to find the best location for you. Also, try to keep your foot angled no less than 40 degrees.

The hardflip can open doors to other tricks. You can consider the idea of 360 hardflips, forward flips, or something else that contains this motion. But I'm willing to bet that after you learn to land these, you're going to want to try getting consistent and <br /> <br />comfortable with them enough to take them to some gaps!
The hardflip is a combination of a frontside pop shove it and a kickflip. However, it is a popular belief that this trick should go between your legs and look a bit inverted. Keep in mind there are multiple ways to make this trick look. Even without being inverted and going between your legs, it is still a hardflip. Figure out which way you're most comfortable and satisfied with and take it from there.

A lot of things can go wrong in the execution if this trick. Below I'll try to address the most common problems and offer the best solution to fix them.

-The kickflip doesn't flip all the way
If you're doing this trick and landing on the board upside down, it's because of the front foot motion. Try kicking out with a little bit more force in order to get it to flip completely.

Alternatively, you could increase the pressure of the back foot in terms of the scooping/popping.

-The board does the correct motion, but it doesn't stay under me!
It can be tough to keep this one under you. If it's getting away, it can be one of two problems.

It can be doing this because your front foot is actually kicking it away. Make sure your foot is flipping out right on that dip before the nose in a smooth manner.

Most times however, it's getting away because of the motion of your back foot. You might want to try to scoop it a little softer or harder, depending on the direction it's going. Also, you might want to try scooping it a little more inwards rather than out in front of your body.

-The skateboard isn't spinning all the way around
It's easy to mess this part up. If you're having this problem, scoop the tail with a little more force to ensure that it spins all the way around and doesn't end halfway through.

-My front foot is landing on the board, but my back foot isn't
This is an easy mistake to make, no doubt. To try to correct this you can make a conscious effort to leave your back foot out a little bit longer after it leaves the tail or you could try to remedy this by simply jumping a little bit higher.

I'd personally suggest that you try to jump a little higher. Makes it much easier to keep the motion smooth and to ensure you don't let your back foot land on the ground. This trick takes a lot of effort and concentration at first. It can be a bit hard to try to focus on letting your foot hang somewhere in the midst of execution.

-I'm scared I'm going to get "credit carded" on this trick and have a hard time committing to it
With the way this trick looks, it's reasonable to think you're going to end up landing on your deck with something other than your feet. But really, it's not quite as dangerous as it looks. You're most likely to hurt yourself on this trick by not putting enough effort into it than you would be for any other reason.

Follow the steps in this guide and you're going to be okay. To ensure that this trick is safer than it sometimes looks, I'll say that I personally have been doing this trick for years. Through the entire process of learning this trick to taking it down and across gaps, I've never been "credit carded" on it.


I cannot stress how important it is that you perform this trick while rolling. While you can do this flip trick while stationary, it's going to be a bit harder to maintain control over. And as with any other trick, learning it stationary can certainly cause problems when you start trying it while in motion (which you're going to want to do regardless).

Hardflips are a scooping trick more than a popping trick. With your back foot you will want to scoop the board in a forward motion, just a little bit more than you would a frontside shove it. You're going to see that doing this is what makes the board have the inverted look and what will make it go between your legs. You'll also find that adding just a little bit of popping at the end of this motion will help you jump a bit higher and will make it easier to keep the skateboard under you.

At the same time your back foot is doing this, drag your front foot up the board and flipping out at a 45 degree angle. Be sure you flip your foot a bit more out than usual as to allow the board to finish flipping and to keep your front foot from getting in the way of it.

It is essential that you perform a smooth flip of the front foot right in that pocket before the nose of the skateboard. Missing this location is going to make it extremely difficult to maintain control of the trick and keeping your body over the board.

Of course, it is extremely important that you keep every thing in timing. The scooping and flick motions need to be simultaneous. Following these steps should result in your back foot being just a bit in front of the tail and your front foot will be a bit out to the front and side of you. So basically, your legs are going to be a bit spread apart.

By the time your retract your legs back to normal position, the trick should be just about finished with it's motion. If it isn't, try bringing them in just a little bit slower next time.

Also, when bringing your legs in, make sure you keep them proper distance apart. The skateboard should land in the same position as it was popped. So be sure not to bring your front foot too far back in order to land this trick on the bolts.

The catching of this trick is primarily done with the front foot with the back foot soon to follow. It shouldn't require a stomp downwards to land, but you can add a light one if it suits your preferred style.

Land this thing, and tell all your friends that you can do them better than Ryan Gallant.

Video Trick Tips: 
See video

by Iskatehard on Tue, 2009-03-31 21:54
I appologize for the lack of images and footage for tonight. I'll be posting them tomorrow night/early the day after, due to lack of a skateboard at the moment.

by green shoes on Fri, 2009-05-08 09:18
you have the footing all wrong, it should be that your toes are on the board not your whole foot, secondly your front foot shouldnt be as if you're doing a kickflip, it should be as you're doing a treflip. then pop and push your back foot forward and your front foot up then bring it back, jump high because if you do it right your board should pop straight up and you dont want it ending up ur ass then catch it and roll away. i can only do these on flatground, they get away from me if i try them off something

by Iskatehard on Sat, 2009-06-20 11:19
Perhaps your foot placement is partly why they get away from you?

There are a lot of ways you can set up for this trick, for sure. If you find one way easier than another, then mess with that placement.

I've been doing this trick for years and that's the best way that I've personally found to position my feet for doing this trick. It works fine on flatground and it's worked fine on taking it down small and big gaps alike.

Having less foot on the board will make it harder to control. It might make the effort for the flip a little bit harder, but it'll stay under you atleast.

by Lakai. on Sat, 2009-06-20 12:21
I really want to catch em like that guy in the video, and i can't land them currently.

My back foot i think is way to far off, like the toes for me super-scoop the board.

So to get em like the guy in vid, should i sort of put my back foot farther on the board?

by Iskatehard on Sat, 2009-06-20 12:29
You could try that...

But you say you currently can't land them? As in, at all?

If that's the case, I'd suggest just getting the trick down however you can. Don't worry if you're not catching it perfect just yet. Once you get it down and you're comfortable with landing it, then you will want to try to adjust things to make it look better.. But it's pretty hard to do when you're not able to land it to begin with, you know?

But concerning your toes doing a super-scoop type deal, that's not good =\. Perhaps try putting more back foot on the board. It'll make the scooping motion seem like it's a little harder as it'll take a bit more force, but you'll have much more control over it.

Though I can't say for sure that will or wont help you catch them like that guy, but having more control will help you in catching it cleaner, so I guess I'd say that it would help you catching it like that guy.

by Lakai. on Sat, 2009-06-20 12:35
okay thanks a lot man!

I'm going skating today am i'm determined to land this, i'll get back to this thread tonight with the results!

I owe you posi in 3 months!

by Iskatehard on Sat, 2009-06-20 15:44
Haha, it's all good man.

If you can by chance get a video of you trying one or something, I can probably offer you more help.

But yeah, hardflips can be a real bitch for some people. Once you get them though, they feel so simple

by nickguz on Sat, 2009-07-18 18:54
Originally Posted by green shoes View Post
you have the footing all wrong, it should be that your toes are on the board not your whole foot, secondly your front foot shouldnt be as if you're doing a kickflip, it should be as you're doing a treflip. then pop and push your back foot forward and your front foot up then bring it back, jump high because if you do it right your board should pop straight up and you dont want it ending up ur ass then catch it and roll away. i can only do these on flatground, they get away from me if i try them off something
some people do them as he showed.

by TR3YDASK8R on Mon, 2009-09-21 11:17
Dude i can land those pretty often now than i ever could it's easy now.

by Iskatehard on Mon, 2009-09-21 12:57
Originally Posted by TR3YDASK8R View Post
Dude i can land those pretty often now than i ever could it's easy now.
So the trick tip helped you out? Glad to hear it man.


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