Ramp Plans

Build A Ramp!! NOW!!

This article may contain images some users may find depressingBefore you start reading, I just want you to know that I have no idea what this article is meant to be, it just is. As a child I had always been interested in skateboarding, from my earliest memories pushing boards as I was learning to walk, to being about the age of 12 when the monumental Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 came out. I was part of new wave of kids who got into skating in a big way, a wave the sport is still well and truly riding today. Suddenly my interest in skateboarding was no longer carving down hills and scraping knees to bits at the bottom, skating was all about doing switch 720 judo airs into a 2 meter long darkslide off a miniscule kicker... The possibilities (if the game was to be believed) it seemed were endless.

The only skatepark on my island home of Guernsey was made during an entire different era of skating, and has closed when my age was still in single figures, so after essentially forfeiting a Christmas and birthday, and having begged for the months leading up to the following birthday I convinced my parents a miniramp was in order.

Miniramp plans

So, we all should be well aware that, no matter how long you've been skating, mini-ramps are fun as hell. They support pretty much any style of skating, from street-style flips to vert style airs, it can be done a nice mini. One problem, though. What if their aren't any public minis? Who really wants to pay $15 a day to skate an indoor park? No one. That is why I am providing you with a nice plan for a mini that will keep you entertained day after day.
The ramp you are making should be approximately 4 feet high by 8 feet wide. A perfect size.

Adjustable Box

For this box you will need a bunch of two by four's, a sheet of ply wood metal coping (make sure its pretty hard. Soft Coping dents when you land on grinds). You can get the coping at any hardware store. It's not really coping but it works. Then you can't forget the most important part... The screw driver and some screws!

1. First you have to build the Frame. Right Now you only need one frame but In total you will need to make 3 of these. Measure out your 2 by 4's like the ones here and then screw them together.

Flatbar Rail

First, Click Here to open up a new page that has pictures for this rail.

Materials: One 1 inch 3 sided rail 16 feet, some flat metal for the stands of the rail and someone who has everything they need and are able to weld this kind of stuff. (Friend from metal class, dad, uncle... whatever).

Wooden Stand Circle Rail

First, Click Here to open up a new page that has pictures for this rail.

Materials: 36 inches (3 feet) of 2 by 10, Scrap Plywood, Circle 2 1/2 inch rail, Drill (can drill through your rail), bunch of screws, screw gun and maybe a screw driver.