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Default Bearings

Whats the ABEC rating on the standard bones reds? right l now i have 54mm wheels, should i go smaller?
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Reds don't go by ABEC. You shouldn't be concerned with ABEC. 'Tis bullshit.

ABEC is a rating system for bearings designed for machinery that spins many times faster than a skateboard. A higher ABEC only has the ABILITY to go faster, it doesn't mean if you put it on a skateboard, they will spin faster than an ABEC 3. Anyway, just about all skate companies lie about ABEC so it doesn't matter anyway.

For wheels, get whatever size you want. If you think smaller wheels will help, get them. I personally hate small wheels though. They go slow, and they don't make it any easier to flip the board.

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bone reds are skater rated, u should get 50-53 mm for street but they wear anyways
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