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Default Gold Wheels

Does anyone know if gold wheels have an anti-flatspot formula? Because I recently got some from Ricky Webb and was wondering if they were any good.

Also don't say skate them and find out, because my complete is at a friends house so I'm just sitting here itching to shred these wheels and wondering.


Can someone somehow zoom in this image so that we can all read what this ad says?

*double edit* Now that that's solved, has anyone skated gold wheels and knows how well they resist against flatspotting?
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Best I could do. I think it says "this is the new gold high standard Featuring the all new made in the usa exclusive formula backed by the best names in the skate game. With 2x more flatspotting resistants and 3x faster than your old favorite wheel company. Its time to step your game up and upgrade to higher standards.
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thats a pretty raw ad...with the clown and all.
might scare some people into not skating them haha for all those (clown-aphobics)
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Just good urethane.
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