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Default So homies are in the Bronx...

And im trying to shred gnar.
Im in Co-op City and I usually go to banks(but thats closed) and the manhattan park.
I also go to the spot in the video at 1:20(i cant remember the name)YouTube - Yaje Popson
Hook me up with some more spots sb-c.Preferably ones with masses amount of skaters.
Ive heard of the new park by yankes stadium but thats it.
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you niggas is pussies. im always strapped, i shoot bitches at the skatepark.
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If you take the 12 bus to Pehlam Parkway, and roll down the 2 Line, you will see Bronx Park East...a lot of skaters skate there. Its pretty chill.
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i know youre new, so im just gonna say, if you look in the top left corner of a post it tells you when it was made. posting in a thread made more than a couple weeks ago or so is generally frowned upon, although im sure no one will notice, now you know
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Dude, he was being helpful. Won't be frowned upon..
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