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Originally Posted by Let Fire Fall View Post
Bachmann is just as much of a moron if not more than Perry. They're both on equal levels of idiocy and it's a scary thought to have either of those two at the head of our country.

Perry is awful though, but he's from Texas, what can you expect?

I'm so sick of the platform, "I'll eradicate Obamacare!" Our healthcare system needed serious reform, and while Obama's plan is far from perfect, it's at least a step in the right direction. So many of the repubs are so focused on eradicating it completely, but why? I feel like that's just ten steps backwards and just putting us behind where we need to be. At least now we are moving in a direction. But, these people want to wipe it clean and start from scratch? Fuck that..
I think they should put in a system where everyone is entitled to healthcare, not like obama care but where everyone at least gets the minimal amount of healthcare to maintain proper health. If you want more than the minimum then you just pay for it, it should be as simple as that .
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Always lol at how inarticulate ron paul supporters are. So glad we dont have quacks like that in Canada.

come at me
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I'm down for Ron Paul. Sure he's not perfect, but to me he represents a step in the right direction.
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