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Default 4 years

this is a year old because im working on a full length but here it is
Summer 2011 Skate Part - YouTube
also, if you like the vid check out my other ones
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Pvt Wang
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My take on it, your style is kind of whack but you seem to have a few decent tricks in your bag. Not bad, definitely not jaw dropping, but not at all terrible. I know I can't do half those tricks.
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It was good, but I would recommend doing some handrail tricks,ledge tricks, and maybe some good flatbar tricks. All I really saw were drops and stairs.
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Good tricks, not so good style... but tricks are more important
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shoot the guy who filmed it/edited it.Intentionally lowering the angle making the gap/drop look bigger.and you only did stairs gaps and a part with only that is retarded.Should have gotten a few more tricks besides repeated kickflips and varial flips.Just as a whole it was poking me in the eye with a knife.

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~you're only as old as your mind allows~
ywf till the day i die!!
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