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    Default Tips To Beat Every Cover Defense In Madden 24

    In Madden 24, there are loads of different zone and man coverages in defensive playbooks, and each team could deploy dozens of unique coverages to confuse your offense and cover your pass game long enough to get more sacks. In order to avoid sacks and stagnant offensive drives, you must first identify which coverage the defense is playing, know what plays work against those defenses, and finally execute. So, in this article, we will show you how to beat Cover 1, Cover 2, Cover 3, Cover 4, and Cover 6.

    Cover 1

    Cover 1 is a man-to-man coverage where each defensive player is assigned an offensive player to guard, which is why this is particularly tricky. To beat cover 1, you simply need to utilize crossing routes like mesh, slants, and drive throws that take your receiver across the field. As the receivers cross the field, the man cornerbacks will trail them, quickly losing ground as your receiver hits midfield.

    Cover 2

    Cover 2 is a basic zone coverage that has two safeties that guard the half field and five other defenders playing zone underneath; this is designed specifically to beat the deep passing game. The key to beating cover 2 man coverage is to keep your passes short with hitch routes, spacing routes, and flood routes that keep your receivers away from the deep safety zones. With both safeties away from the deep middle portion of the field, this is the perfect time to hit your tight end or slot receiver in that open area.

    Cover 3

    Cover 3 is a zone defense with one safety and two cornerbacks, eliminating the deep thirds of the field. It?s one of the most popular zone defenses. The best way to attack Cover 3 defenses is to hit your receivers in the seams between the deep cover zones. Like a baseball outfield, you want to play the gaps between where the defenders line up. Throw the ball between the safety covering the middle of the field and the corners playing the outside. You can exploit this space with Seams, Verticals, Cross, and Dig routes.

    Cover 4

    Cover 4 features two safeties and two cornerbacks splitting the deep field into quarters. The goal of this coverage is to prevent deep passes by putting more defensive backs on the field and having them drop further back. The best way to attack quarters coverage is by taking advantage of the eight-yard gap on the outside between the corners and the line of scrimmage. Throw quick-out routes to the sideline and utilize short hitch, stick, and curl routes to get quick and easy yards. Just make sure to keep an eye out for that pesky nickel corner.

    Cover 6

    Cover 6 is a combination of Cover 4 and Cover 2 where the field is split into two halves, one of which looks like a Cover 4, the other one like Cover 2. Since the two halves of the defense are set up differently, both of them can be attacked with different pass concepts. The Cover 2 side, where the cornerback presses up closer to the line of scrimmage, leaves a visible space behind said cornerback, below the safety. This space can be attacked with Smash, Flood, Corner, and similar concepts, just like in Cover 2. The strong side (Cover 4 side) leaves space in the flat, the space underneath the cornerback. This means that it can be attacked with Curl Flats, Strong Flood, Stick, Shallow Cross, and similar pass concepts that target this space.

    Knowing how to beat each cover defense in Madden 24 isn?t that hard. Most importantly, you need to practice through repetition and constant play-calling to remember which plays are good against which defenses.

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