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    Default Nollie tre flips on lock, but I can't regular tre?

    I have recently started skating again after years of knee surgery
    I can't jump down giant stair sets any more but there is a lot I can still do. For some reason I have nollie tre flips down consistently, I can also do varial flips consistently, but when I try tre flips I land it maybe 1/10 times. Is there anyone else who has this or is it just some weird thing I'm cursed with. Btw I'm happy to be here on the forum it's my first post.

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    Hey man, the issue with regular tres vs nollie or fakie tres is that the momentum isn’t carried with you when you scoop and flick a regular tre. This makes it so you have to actually jump higher and further forward to land them consistently. With nollie or fakie tres you can basically just spin flick the board underneath you without having to change your position so they generally require less effort. My advice is to find foot positioning that works for you, generally back foot toes off the front edge to scoop, front foot in kickflip position, but you can pull your front foot back a little if you have trouble spinning the board. Then, scoop flick and jump forward like towards the toe side of your board, keep your feet parallel in the air before you land and just commit. You want to get a good bolt stomp for a stable landing. Ideally you get a front foot catch in the air but that will come with practice. Good luck

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