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    Hi everyone!

    I have always liked skateboarding, all my life, in fact I grew up with friends from school who practiced it but I never dared to do it myself, but now, at 35 years old, I would like to start practicing it. so I would like to know if you have any advice for someone my age who is just starting out? and on the other hand I am also going to buy my first table, so I would like to know what brand will be good to buy a complete one and what size should I buy? I'm 5',9"

    thanks in advance guys!

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    It's never too late to pick up skateboarding, that's the best thing about it. My advice would be to try and dedicate 20 minutes or so every day just getting comfortable rolling down the street. Start getting the feel for carving around a bit and turning corners using your body weight. Cruising around is the most rewarding part of skateboarding so don't focus much on trying to do tricks until you're super comfortable pushing and riding. 8.25" decks are a pretty standard size to start skating on these days, brand doesn't really matter just look for a board that makes you really stoked to get out and skate on it.

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