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    Default Should E3 just die already?

    I seen on Facebook and Twitter they are bring E3 back for 2022. I think the event should actually just die out. Mostly due to you get a set amount of time to talk and show off games most are which are multiplatform. I don't mind that but the fact that you show a multiplatform game on the day as a console maker's day. I think it should just die out since Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony have their own events where they have more time to show more things as well as publishers doing their events as well it makes E3 less exciting since we just see the same footage or hear the same news that a publisher or console company have already said before. E3 was good back when it was the only time we hear of new games and such but we all should move on. We should all remember the golden days when E3 was the first time you see a new console for the first time and you had to watch all of the days to get all the information and seen the exclusive games. It had a good 27 year run minus the 2 years it was canceled due to COVID. I don't think E3 2022 will capture the magic it did have.

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