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    Default Getting my first skateboard

    So after thinking really hard about starting and learning how to skate for years i finally decided to screw it and just buy a skateboard.

    But after looking more into it i realized it's going to harder than i thought. There are so many types of decks, wheels, trucks etc. i don't know which one would be the best for a beginner. I would like to purchase a full set and learn the basics of skating then move on and maybe put together my own skateboard after a while.

    I would skate, and cruise around the city from home to work, from point A to point B. So i though a longboard or a cruiser would just be perfect for me, or something with softer wheels. Because the roads are pretty wacky here.

    I already found a cruiser i really like but looking more into it i realized it might be too "small" for a beginner like me. ( 28" long, 7.25" wide ) and the wheels are 92A might be too hard, but i could just purchase softer ones later on. So i looked for more options and found out a "regular" skateboard might be a better option?

    Honestly i'm a newbie when it comes to skateboards and i just can't decide or find out what would be the best option for just skating around but also good for a beginner and learning.

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    Well a cruiser would be better for just riding a regular skateboard. Also for soft wheels 92A is good soft wheels are between the grades of 78A to 92A (lower the rating the softer the wheel). Since you are getting a long board wheel size above 60mm is great as they give you a good high speed and keep their speed better than smaller wheels so you don't have to push to often.

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    I'm about to get mine, too! So excited!

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