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    Hi all, new here and 1st post. Im 48 and haven’t skated since the 80’s. Yesterday I purchased a new rerelease
    Powell Peralta BONES BRIGADE Tony Hawk CHICKEN SKULL Skateboard SILVER. The deck is 10” X 30”. Id like your input on what trucks and wheels along with sizes. Also where is a good place to order the parts? I just want to ride on the street mostly. Thanks!!!

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    I'm skating a Vision Psycho Stick that's 10x30. I've got it set up with Indy 169s, 65mm/97a Slimeballs wheels with Bones reds bearings. 65mm is a massive wheel, too big for a lot of people, but If I were you I'd go for a 60mm wheel like Bones Ratbones or Mini Cubics. Our shop closed a few years ago and I've been buying from SoCal Skateshop, their selection is huge and shipping is fast. Hope this helps.
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