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    Default Has anyoneused longboard wheels on a cruiser? Do they work fine in urban environment?

    Years ago I bought a 8.5x32" Globe pre-built cruiser (model was called 'The Chosen') with 69mm 83a conical wheels. I ended up using those wheels on a different board, which I now no longer have.
    I want to get some new wheels, and are looking at something like the Orangutang Stimulus 70mm 80a longboard wheels. Everything online speaks about their use for freeriding, but nothing on just cruising around town. I want a smooth ride where I don't have to push much, top speed doesn't matter really so long as it's a comfortable ride where I don't have to push every few seconds.
    Does anyone have experience using longboard wheels intending for downhill/freeriding, but using them in an urban environment just for travel/recreation?

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