At the start of the pandemic we decided to work on a full length video as a group of friends and during the filming we decided it would be fun to put a little label on what we had going. We decided to work on a couple of board shapes that we all could enjoy skating (8.25 and 8.5) and then found out just how insane the lack of production was out there. Anyways, we are now expecting our first run of decks to be in hand around November 15th. We are trying to minimize the impact our product has environmentally so we are not using any stains on the wood nor any plastic in packaging as well as using an eco-friendly epoxy resin.

We are not looking to make any profit and just want to break even with everything we put out. Also, we are donating a percentage of proceeds from soft goods to a local farm practicing regenerative agriculture and a percentage of board sales to the US Forest Service's Plant-A-Tree Program. Feel free to give us a follow on Instagram @pterraskateco to see what we are up to, we would love to build some relationships with people either locally in Phoenix or possibly in neighboring states as well until we get a better grip on production.

Wishing everybody all the best!