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    Hi to all, this is not spam intentionally, just information for filmers and skateboarding enthusiast.


    Skateboarder proof captcha
    -skateboarders only-

    Video deinterlacing
    Video PAL or NTSC can be encoded directly to 50 / 60 fps footage and it looks exactly as original footage. Some examples:
    No more drop quality and frames with PAL / NTSC footage.
    Also support HD up to 1080 at any framerate.

    Video part
    Users can create a video part from already uploaded video without reupload loosing quality, just post. More info:

    Cookies free and no ads
    No data tracking cookies of google or facebook (expcept if you use it for log in...), no ads, no google analitics tracking... no shit, just skateboarding. Clean

    Download a trick
    Download a trick from any video for whatsapp, insta... Includes add slow motion option at the end.

    Special player
    Has a repeat last trick button (R) with selectable slow motion repeat.
    Subtitles option are available.
    Video chapter list are available.
    Video can be posted in any blog with embed iframe code.

    Locals only
    By default only skateboarders can watch videos (registered users). Video post owner can disable it and make it 100% public.

    Android > 5, recommended 7 and beyond.
    iOS > 11, recommended 14 and beyond.
    Android APP (google play)
    iOS PWA (add to home screen app) are available.
    Any modern browser.
    Smart TV users must use "mirror" feature
    Chromecast not supported (maybe in the future can be casted from Chrome browser, not from Android app, but future seems going to smart tv's)

    Long length video list 60fps

    History (ES)

    Any suggestion will be appreciated.
    Thank you and Happy Skateboarding.

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    This is our competition.
    skate or die g times

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