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Thread: RIP jerseysucks

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    Wow, logging on to SB-C and seeing this really sucks.

    Before I moved to the US he and I used to talk on AIM all the time (along with elijah and teak and some other homies). We would also play EA Skate on xbox live which most of the time was us just bullshitting on voicechat for hours and not really playing. When I moved to the US he and I met up in NYC and hung out for a day. We met at LES and had our boards but like on xbox live we really didn't end up skating much, we just got high and kicked it. It was a good time. RIP to a real one, he was a good dude.

    elijah if you don't mind, send me whatever it is where you saw he passed away. Doesn't look like his facebook is still there, I'm assuming you had him on Instragram or something.
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    Damn, RIP. Haven't been on here in awhile, and sucks to come back and see this. Hope all you guys have been doing well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crailtap View Post
    Wow that's terrible, rip

    Mastershake, was hurricane Katrina. He never did log back in after.
    Ya, that's one of those things where you think like "damn i really need to know he's okay or this thought will never leave my mind". And truly it hasn't. Where is mastershake?

    It's really sad about people dying from here. I wonder, has anyone ever heard from Smashitup? He was a cool guy, but after he told me wanted to try speed, I hadn't heard from him on any media. I just hope he's okay.

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