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    Default Danny Way - DWAY Make Ramps Not Bombs PLAN B Deck

    Hey all,

    I just wanted to know any more information about my deck. I bought it because Danny Way is awesome and the graphics are sick!

    It's an 8.0 Danny Way DWAY "Build Ramps Not Bombs" Plan B

    I googled searched everything, key word, images and I could not find 1 stock photo of the deck from Plan B or any skateboard shop at all.
    Does this deck not exist or what?!

    All I could find was one old Ebay listing of the same deck for sale, but it was signed.
    From the listing it states the following,

    "2006 signed D Way / Build Ramps Not Bombs / 8.0/ Released shortly after Great Wall of China jump"

    I even logged into the database from the site Art Of Skateboarding and this graphic is not on there either. I looked at online skateboard store catalogs/Plan B and I couldn't find a pic of it either.
    I'm assuming it's from 2006. Is this board rare? What do you guys think? I love it!


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    so beautyful! I very like it, thank you for sharing with us!

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