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    Original Post:
    Banned from slap forums!

    I did nothing wrong!

    I just expressed some opinions against blm which, exposed the forum as the frauds they!

    They call me "kook" and "kkk" and "little wee wee" and ignore my reasonable questions over and over again, but then they'll block me cause apparently "I'm childish"...... (again, it's really because I expose them!)

    I don't know what it's like here, but I'm gonna direct this one at the black community this time..

    Oppression is no joke!

    While I disagree with the notion that "black people are still oppressed", your ancestors certainly were oppressed!

    And I'm sure you all know that it's no joke!

    But it wasn't only white Americans who enslaved Africans... slavery has been and still is present all over the world!

    And it is no joke!

    And it could happen here again!

    The West could become communist! We could end up in a "new world order" or whatever you want to call it!.... And they'd have 21st century technology to make sure they could control every little thing we do!

    And you wanna know how it begins!?

    With a loss of Free Speech!

    Because without your voice, it's only a short matter of time until you loose everything else!

    And this is what slap has done to me! (ignoring the fact that you can get back on here with a proxy... LoL!)

    This is what all basically all "our" institutions are doing to us!

    You speak a word against the pc doctrine that the mainstream media presents, and you get labeled a "nazi" and banned! The banning increases more and more every year!

    It is institutionalized oppression!

    Now maybe you don't like what I've been saying about blm?? (I think if you're actually listening you'll hear what I'm saying!)......

    But do you agree with enforced trans pronouns? do you agree with kids in drag shows? do you agree with men naked in the females changerooms around young girls? do you agree with puberty blockers? do you agree with men in female sports? do you agree that this is science?

    HELL NO YOU DON'T! (no unless you're a pedophile supporting monster!)

    And these same people who'll ban me (slap now being one of them) will ban you too if you speak out against those atrocities!

    And if they get enough power, they'll send your ass to a FUCKEN PRISON CAMP! (these people are pedophile supporters remember!!! Not even kids are sacred to them, they're capable of anything!)

    Now all this in mind......

    So what if I am a Nazi!?



    Because Free Speech is EVERYTHING!

    We can't give up Free Speech no matter how hateful the person speaking is!

    And there's no reason to be scared of people speaking hateful crap anyway!?

    Their ideas are retarded!

    So Laugh at their retarded ideas! and help educate the retards who hold them!

    Cause In the battle of ideas, the truth ones win, and the bad ones die!

    Don't be scared of any of hateful crap!

    Be scared of censorship! Be TERRIFIED of it!


    Now, I'm CLEARLY not a Nazi! (my posts speak for themselves!)

    I hate racism!

    I want it gone!

    And I want this pedophile supporting fake news gone too!

    I want the idea that we're to be judged as members of a race gone!

    I want these riots to stop!

    I don't want innocent people hurt!

    I don't want innocent black people to get a bad name because of what the rioters are doing!

    I don't want rioters who get lost in the mob to spend their life in a cell!

    I don't want a race war!

    I want these pedophile supporters who throw the word "Nazi" at anybody who challenges their pedophile supportin bullshit to SHUT THEIR FUCKING MOUTHS! (though I still won't ban them)

    That's all I want!



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