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    Default I need help trying to ollie

    I just started to try to learn how to ollie a couple days ago and I have the pop and the drag down, but I can't get my back foot to stay on the board. Every time I pop, my back leg reflexively bends and I can't bring the board back under me to land. I tried to fix it but I just end up standing on the tail or I mess up the pop because I'm focusing too much on keeping my back foot on the board. Does anyone have any tips that would help me with this?

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    You just have to break the reflex that your back foot has. It will take a while just have to bring your back foot up try to time it with your front foot. As your front foot drags up the board bring your backfoot up it will keep the board even and under you. For when you end up standing on the tail you are leaning too far back try to keep the board under you and your weight even. Also you can watch trick tips on youtube so you can see the motion and try to mimic what they are doing.

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