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    Default Is it easier to ride switch or push with your other foot?

    ust got on a skateboard for the first time today and I’m not sure which habit would be easier to switch. I feel way more comfortable riding regular, like I ride a snowboard regular for sure, but I also feel way more comfortable pushing with my left foot and have always done so when riding a scooter. Im definitely not gonna try riding mongo, so what should I do?Learn how to ride goofy when regular is natural? Or learn how to push with my other foot?
    It actually felt way harder to push with my other foot than to ride switch, but it’s just day one, idk.
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    Yo man.
    You're one of those people that push regular/goofy but ride the other way around.
    It's good to practice both, as learning switch early on is super useful and can make you way better on the board faster.
    It's better learning to ride switch/push with the wrong foot than pushing mongo early on. That causes lots of problems in the future.
    Lots of pros started mongo and had to switch it up to get further in the game.

    Good luck and welcome to the community!


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    Skate whichever direction feels most comfortable, but always push with your back foot. Even if it's uncomfortable at first, you'll thank yourself later.

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