So I've been skating on my "10" dollar board and already landed some tricks (for 1 week and landed an ollie its bad but im improving)
But now it's time to build my skateboard (cause even tho im a beginner idk how i still broke my board)
Im new so obviously idk how to build a skateboard dont know which brands are good and bad , trucks sizes , deck sizes e.t.c what trucks fit a certain deck size and things like that (if you can link something that could help me or something...)
My friends deck is 8,25 i think and i dont know if my shoe size matters or my height but i was comfortable riding his board (and also the board that i broke was 8,25 width)
As my city is shit i dont have local shops that can provide good things so Im gonna put here a link of a deck that I like from an online shop where my friend bought his things
I like this one
and this one
the budget for the build is 230$ (210€)
You can also tell me if i should buy the cheaper deck and the other things more expensive
or i can buy the more expensive deck...
hope you'll help me
Why is the budget is "high" for a beginner?
idk i love it and im sitting all, day home so why not
its better to spend money on a skateboard than in video games i think?