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    Default Tips for buying your first skateboard

    I'm planning on buying my first ever skateboard tomorrow and I was wondering if I should buy a complete skateboard or make my own? Do you have any tips or things to look out for when buying your first skateboard?whatsapp web routerlogin
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    Go to your local shop if you have one and see for yourself what looks/feels good to you. Everyone's set up preferences are different, so at least for the deck it'll be nice to feel out a few different shapes and sizes to see what feels good to you. Plus, odds are whoever is working your local shop would be happy to help you out, then you'll already have your foot in the door to your local skate scene.

    If you don't have a local shop and are stuck ordering online, just pay attention to sizes. You don't wanna get super wide trucks for a skinny deck, vice versa, etc. You'd probably be fine getting a pre-built complete. Since it's your first board you probably don't know what you like/don't like yet, so you can base your preferences from there. Good luck!

    Edit: Just noticed you posted this almost a week ago. I hope buying a skateboard went well for ya.

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    If your are looking forward to buy your first skateboard, there are a couple tips you should follow.

    Picking your Board is important, you will be looking at that graphic for a while so hopefully there will be something from the over 300 boards we have on offer which catches your eye. The shape and size of the board you pick is the most important factor. That is what you will be looking down on, standing on and learning to manoeuvre so size is key. If you look through our selection of boards you will notice that the width of them varies from 7.5" all the way through to some which are 10" wide. We tend to recommend that a small person selects a board on the narrower end of the spectrum so between 7.5" wide and 8" wide. Our thinking behind this is that the less board there is, the easier it is to flip around and work with when it comes to that. We can advise when it comes to shapes and sizes but finding a board you are happy with generally comes first.

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