I was sitting at home with my wife tonight (she happens to be foreign born)....watching TV. There was a reference to Dorothy Hamill's haircut in the show we were watching. She asked "who is Dorothy Hamill?" I proceeded to tell her about the '76 Olympics. I told her the story of how Dorothy was on the ice, skating for the Gold medal, when the results from the previous skater were flashed on the scoreboard and the Austrian fans began a cascade of boos. Dorothy thought the boos were directed at her and ended up crying and running off the ice into the arms of her coach....who explained to her what happened. She re-entered the ice and then skated to her gold medal victory.
I went on Youtube to show my wife the event....but couldn't find it anywhere. All I got was her Gold Medal performance, but nothing about the pre-event when she ran off the ice crying. I googled it....and still couldn't find it. My wife began expressing skepticism of my claims.
Friends, please help me locate a video of the event when Dorothy ran off the ice crying....into her coach's arms....and then subsequently gives her Gold Medal performance.
Thanks so much for your help.