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    Default Getting back into skating @ 28, went to park for first time since today.. Advice!?!?!

    I was just cruising around for like an hour. I got a little line down , but since Iím older I really donít want to eat it so iím skating super conservatively. Any advice for me on what I can work on at the park aside from cruising around ? I'm 28 as of 2 weeks ago, and I need to workout but hate the gym.
    I used to live in NYC and skated basically everywhere so Iím really good at riding around , but never really was doing tricks so I really donít even know where to begin. I just like ride down little banks and shit. I gotta work on dropping in I guess but I really prefer street skating.

    Let me know if you have any advice at all!


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    Definitely just learn ollies and don't worry about anything after that for now. There's plenty of YouTube videos on how to ollie, it's pretty counter-intuitive at first but you'll get it if you stick with it. Then just do them all the time, ollie over / onto anything you can.
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