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    So i started longboarding roughly 3 years ago and i started mongo, this is before i looked up anything about what wheels to use trucks bearings etc. but when i first started i had a rough idea of skateboarding but never really done it and only wanted to do it for the 5 mile transport to and from college. but now i been doing more experimental things with longboarding/skateboarding and have been getting more and more into it, finally getting slide gloves and knee pads etc. but my biggest problem is i cant seem to ride regular i been forcing it on myself for the last 2 months and i have fallen countless times, cant retain any balance goofy or regular with my front foot being so far up but with my back foot i can push as hard and as fast as i want with full control and balance. so is there a way i can stand or angle my footing because if i push 4-5 times i fly forward or backwards and if i try putting my back foot on the board i sometimes curve and fall fetlife vshare

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    I don’t think you’ll have much trouble training. You just attach too much importance to every step. You just need to take it easy. Maybe one of the best cbd oils for anxiety can help you? This is a common practice for those who do not plan to compete in the coming month. You just need to find your balance now.

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