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    Exclamation ENDLESS Headaches

    Hey all. Long time no see.

    Is there anybody else on here who has extremely bad headaches every single day? And I do mean every single day. I haven't skated in 8 years now, but I started getting headaches/ migraines about 10-11 years ago. I've never had a concussion but I definitely conked my head a number of times skating stairs and gaps... that I can remember anyways. I've been to five neurologists who can't help me at all. I'm just grasping at straws now, trying to see if anybody else has had a similar experience. Maybe my headaches don't have shit to do with skateboarding though. Who knows!

    Just shooting this out into the ether. I hope you're all alive and well, even if you don't remember me.
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    You probably just got cluster headaches or some shit. Probably genetic.
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