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    Default Skater or poser?... I don't understand the disdain for people who are first starting

    A comment in the "why is little wayne skating a bad thing" or whatever the title was, link got me thinking.
    As someone who has just recently started to learn to skate, what's the difference between a skater and a poser? I mean, I'm not good... I don't do any fancy tricks... About all I can do at this point is hit some ramps and carve around corners at my local park.
    After a couple of days of skating on a borrowed board, I bought parts and got one built, and bought some skate shoes... I know I'll never be pro, or sponsored or whatever, but I have fun doing what I'm doing, and I plan on continuing to skate and learn and get better.
    So what's the difference? If people are brought into skating for whatever reason, why would it be a bad thing
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