Hello everyone,,
So I've been playing pickup basketball for over 10 years and the realization of how unfair playing with 1's and 2's has kind of ruined the game for me.
The reality is almost every shot you take should be a 2 pointer with fast breaks essentially the only exception. Imagine if the NBA 3 pointer was a 4 pointer!!
A personal example was a recent game I played. The guy I was guarding was significantly better than me yet I strove to focus on stopping him from shooting the 2. I essentially gave him a free lane and he went 5/8 with no 2 point attempts (63% - This would rank #2 in the NBA in 2019!). Meanwhile, I went a measly 2/7 with all of my shots being 2 pointers.(college range)
Points Generated Per Possession
Him - .63 Me - .57 https://trackeasy.fun/usps/ https://showbox.tools/
As you can see, he squeaked by doing better than me that game... that's with him shooting at a phenomenal rate and me at a poor rate.
My conclusion is simple. When playing with 1's and 2's every shot you take should be a two-pointer and your entire defensive strategy should be to stop the 2 pointer. It sucks but it's the truth and it makes playing actual basketball way less fun.