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    Default Some advice for a returning beginner?

    So i had a major break from skating, like 3 or 4 years, don't even remember exactly. Before i stopped skating i could land a kickflip pretty much every time and it wasn't sketchy, could do some sketchy low pop-shuvits, never ever landed a tre. I picked it up yesterday, i can still do a pretty good boned ollie, but to my surprise i forgot alot of things, couldn't do any shuvits or 180, can only flip a board but nowhere close to actually landing a kickflip and worst of all, my balance on the board suffered alot, i can push fine, but riding it feels like I'm riding in switch, which I'm not. Now all those things aren't really why I'm writing this. The absolute worst thing that happened to me: i forgot how to brake, completely. Like i don't even remember how it was before, but i didn't have those problems. I was pretty confident in myself and went downhill, not too much of an incline, my deck seems to pick up speed way too fast, i have abec 7 toy machine and 53mm elements and after a second of riding i was going waaay too fast to stop with my leg and powersliding feels almost impossible to do for me at this point. I wasn't expecting this and fell alot. Like i legitimately don't remember how i used to brake on a board before, constantly braking with my back leg seems wrong and i can't powerslide at all making my experience very uncomfortable. Any advice is welcome, also psa, i almost killed myself by speed wobble, don't forget to tighten your trucks when finishing your new setups guys.fedloan easybib

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