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    Default Inner thigh popping/pain (help)

    So I just started skating about a 2 months ago, after not skating for 12 years. I’m 29. ReLearned kickflips, heelflips, fs/bs shuvs and 180’s. Anyways, a bout 2 weeks ago, my inner thigh/hip (where my man parts meet my leg) on my front leg started hurting a lot. It feels like the tendon. I can walk/run and stretch with no pain, and when not skating there’s zero pain. but doing any tricks is out of the question. Can’t even Ollie cus it hurts. Anyone else have this problem? If so how can I prevent from happening again, and how long does it take to go away?
    Thank you in advance FetLife vshare
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    Maybe you should see a doctor about this? I'm not an expert, but maybe you should try stretching or just resting it? Not too sure if stretching would make it worse because again I'm not an expert.

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