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    Default Board stalls and 50/50s on quarter pipe tips.!!!

    Jumped back into skating again after 24 years away. I live in Brooklyn now (grew up in LA in the 80s) and with so many skateparks all over I had to. Learning basics all over again. Got ollies back, ollies straight onto ledges, 50/50s, board slides, rock fakies (man, I ate a lot of shit on this one for about two weeks. Haha) and rock n rolls down.
    Problem comes when trying to translate getting up on the ledge on the top of quarter pipes to stall or 50/50s. Any tips on how to get comfortable turning onto the piping from being almost vert? (Can't ollie at all for that matter when going upward on a ramp).
    Thanks for any input.uc browser shareit appvn
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