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    Default I need to learn to scrub speed.
    Slight road rash in pic.
    I ate shit hard out of my driveway. Third time carving in and a little higher each time. Could not carve enough before it was too late and I ate shut into the rocks and trees. Pic is deceiving but quite a hill up that way. Mobdro
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    Scrubbing a jump is when you are able to hit a jump faster, stay lower and get on the ground to drive the rear wheel sooner. Scrubbing is something that every rider wants to learn because it’s a great way to make up time and even pass other riders in the air. One word of caution, make sure you are a good and confident jumper before you start trying to scrub!
    There are different levels of scrubbing speed on a jump. You want to start out with just soaking up the jump and getting some movement in the air. Watch Anthony Rodriguez as his suspension compresses on the face and unloads as he takes off. Right before his bike leaves the top of the jump notice how his body drops down into the bike allowing the bike to come to him, unloading the suspension a little earlier.
    If you are getting the backend out but not bringing it back straight you're not using enough legs in the air. You don’t want to take your scrubbing any further as you will most likely get into trouble landing sideways and maybe crashing.
    As you get more comfortable with the bike moving in the air you can take it one step further . As he approaches the top of the jump he will lean his bike and turn the bars the same way he’s leaning allowing the back wheel to slide off the jump. Run the video in slow motion if you want to see this more clearly.
    The earlier you do this the more you are going to scrub. When you get really good at doing this both wheels will actually slide off the jump and that is when you have got the scrub down and can officially say you have done the “Bubba scrub”. Notice how once his bike comes off the face he turns his bars the opposite way and uses his outside leg to pull the bike straight. Hope that helps, Mikos, Fredericksburg

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