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    Default Recommend a skateboard for a 6 year old?

    Invest In A Brave Trampoline

    What child or adult does not love a trampoline? They are a great way to burn off some energy and some extra calories. When purchasing a piece of equipment, like this, for the backyard, one most always be concerned about the safety aspect. Wanting to make sure that the equipment is made well and can withstand not only the elements, but also the wear and tear but on something by children. Read my aticle How to Choose the Best Trampoline to choose best trampoline for you.

    There is a great solution with the Bravo trampoline. Bravo makes a great line from the Airzone to the Veriflex. These trampolines come in sizes starting at 12 feet and going up to 14 feet around. They are perfect for several kids to enjoy jumping at once. Bravo Sports makes many pieces of sporting equipment from 'skateboards, tents, bicycles' and many other things. The Bravo Trampoline comes in 4 sizes, they are '8 ft., 12 ft., 13 ft., and 14 ft.'
    The reason why the Bravo trampoline is different than many you will see on the market is because they are well made. They have incredible bounce and are made to last a long time. Bravo has a great line and you can even order replacement parts from them at any time. If you need extra nets, pads or strings, they carry everything needed to service their equipment. To have the best trampoline, let's check out fanpage Trampoline Flight.

    While you can purchase a trampoline without an enclosure, it is not advisable for those who have children. When trampolines first came out, the injuries were pretty incredible due to kids tumbling off. However, with the new enclosures, children can be safe and bounce all day without the parent worrying. Bravo actually includes a package, which has a free enclosure to make sure your loved ones are not only having fun but they are safe too.

    The best gift you can give a child is health. Exercising always seems like a drag and something that most people would rather not do; children are no exception. With the Airzone and Veriflex trampolines, one can easily get their children the exercise they need and ensure that they will be healthy adults. It is a sneaky way for a parent to get some extra activities in, which are actually good for the child. In today's society when exercise is not important and fast food is on every corner, having a fun way to burn calories and stay healthy should be on the forefront of every parents concerns.
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    i would say a walmart board would suffice since 6 years old is just a good age to plant the seed, but walmart boards are for posers and you dont want your son to be a poser do you?

    if not, get the kid a
    Krooked Gonz Wings Skate Deck in 8.62", bones wheels 53mm or die, reds ceramic bearings, Independent Reynolds Forged Hollow Skateboard Trucks, and the classic mob or jessup grip tape.

    kid should be bombing hills and doin kickflips within the week my guy

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