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    Default Which gaming console to buy?

    I want to buy a gaming console, but so far I have not an idea which one. I've looked a bit around here and the selection is huge... I do not like shooting games like call of duty, medal of honor but rather car racing, sports games...
    I was thinking about buying the Wii console, but I've heard that the graphics are not that good. And will the Wii controller become annoying over time?
    Which console would you recommend?

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    A Wii?! If you're not thinking new consoles then go PS3 or Xbox 360. Since you don't like shooters than PS3 or PS4 would be the best bet they aren't as shooter focused like the Xbox is. So it would be the best bet. Plus sports games play better like MLB The Show, NFL and NCAA games. Plus PS3 has free online but new consoles like Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 you have to pay for online.

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