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    Default How do Orbs wheels skate?

    I've been seeing orbs wheels in skate shops a bit, could anyone here who's skated them tell me how the skate? Or even better in comparison to formula fours. I love how my formula fours slide but been wanting to try something new and these orbs wheels look interestingTweakbox

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    I grabbed a set of conical orbs last time I got new wheels. I have no complaints about them. They took a while before I started to flatspot them, slide well in a dusty skatepark, and give good grip when I need them too.
    I usually buy whatever wheels are affordable at my local skate shop, so I may not be the best guy for a comparison on different brands. I couldn’t even tell you what wheels I had before these, haha. The only reason I know I have orbs is the guy at my skate shop mentioned that it was a new brand that people seemed to be excited about.

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