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    Default The effect of grammar skills in student's life!

    Grammar skill is needed in many fields today. It is an important skill students require in their lives. A writing that contain many grammatical errors is hard to read and difficult to understand. So it places an important role in academics.
    Today many people think that grammar is not important. It cannot make an impact in studentís career. But it is not true. This skills are needed in many tasks. Activities like essay writing, seminar etc should be written in correct grammar. It is necessary. Because teachers often check it. It is important to learn correct grammar early. It would be very useful In future. After learning it people are able to become more accurate when using a language. Sometimes grammar mistake can cause misunderstanding. Proper grammar can keep us from being misunderstood. If we know grammar well then we can speak fluently. We can talk to people more fluently. If we are good in grammar we can speak with more confidence. Because of poor grammar skills many people do not speak in front of people .They hesitates to talk in front of a number of people. It affects their confidence. That is why learning grammar is so important today.
    Learning grammar skill is no difficult. But it cannot be learned in a single day. It needs practice. And the best way to improve it is reading and writing. Reading English newspaper, articles, magazines, stories, novels etc would help to improve the skills. Watching English news, films also help to learn grammar easily. Writing is also a good idea. Make a habit of writing every day. It can make a good impact. Write whatever comes in mind. It can help to develop grammar skills. In this way we can improve it easily. Students should practice to perform well.
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