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    Default Newbie. First Longboard Quest Super Cruiser vs Atom Drop Deck

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a 99% newbie. I did a little bit of skateboard when younger and recently tried longboarding and loved it. However, I am not that good.

    I have decided to purchase my first longboard, with $USD 150 budget. After researching, these two options have stood out.

    Option A) Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo (44-Inch)
    Option B) Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch)
    **EDIT Option C) Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo (44-inch)

    My main goal is to get to work with the easiest and fastest method. I don't care much about tricks and going fast downhill.

    Which one would you recommend? Thank you in advance
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