Just wondering if many companies produce fishtail decks with double kicker, medium or mellow concave in about 9 - 9.50 width with about 15 - 16 inch wheelbase? Ive been searching extensively and Ive only come across one candidate - the Globe Innocents Blaster Jose Araujo. Overall, it's a beautiful looking shape but I have some reservations about the diamond tail from a functional point of view. I may be wrong but I wonder if the pointy end on the tail could negatively affect ollies. Also, someone else reckoned that it would probably razor tail quite quickly.

Would anyone know of any other fishtail decks that meet the above specs? I guess different people have a different interpretation of what a fishtail shape is. By fishtail, I mean a shape like this:


However, some think of this shape as a fishtail: