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    Default Building a fast and comfortable cruiser

    Hi everyone,

    I am just coming here for some advice on building a deck. I've been skateboarding since the late 90s, but can't say I've been super active in the last years. I do have a bunch of decks and parts. I am looking to build a fast and comfortable cruiser for my daily commute to work. My girlfriend has Santa Cruz prebuilt fishtail deck thats just a dream to ride on the sidewalk. Any longboards and so on I've tried can't really match it. A couple of days I bought some 70mm Pig Super cruisers and slapped them to an old skateboard deck, thinking it's gonna be a dream to ride, but it's not. :) Now the deck is a classic street skateboard, used and more than 10 years old, but have been sitting in the garage for most of the last decade, so it's far from ideal.

    I've also bought pretty stiff truck risers.

    The ride is really shaky, the deck vibrates a lot and it feels I am loosing speed way too fast.

    Now I am wondering. Are the wheels to hard? Are the risers too hard. Is the deck too light or not stiff enough, too stiff? Would changing the deck help with maintaining momentum or have I fucked up with wheels that are way too hard? I don't want to just waste money with experimenting and buying stuff I won't be using while trying to find my perfect ride. Any advice? Thanks.

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    Are you using old trucks as well? The bushings could be shot, though I don't know if that'd cause the problem you're having.

    Changing the deck would probably not help all that much. Do you have decent bearings in the wheels?

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    Try different faster bearings, like bones swiss, get softer bushings, again bones have good bushings, try loosening your trucks as well.

    Also your gf likely has 78duro wheels/super soft longboard wheels that usually come with prebuilts. I personally prefer 85duro on my cruiserboards but generally the softer and bigger the wheel the smoother your ride will feel
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