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    Default Anyone still even use this website? honestly not doing well and need conversation

    Does anyone even still post on here? Not gonna lie dudes I have made a fool of myself on here before but in my defense last time I posted on here I was like 15.

    Life has been shitty though, skateboarding is the only good thing in my life aside from the few friends I have.

    How are you guys doing? Shit maybe we can all be there for each other.
    I realize Im making a fool of myself yet again on this website but I suppose at the moment I dont really care cuz im pretty fucking drunk lol.

    Idk dudes there were a few things I had going for me but ig I fucked them up. I got a decent job now so thats cool and i get to skate almost any day I want to so that is rad as fuck. I love skateboarding haha.

    But what good is a bitchin job with high pay if you are not happy with where you are at?
    My brother is off at rehab, my friends only want to hang around me when I buy shit for them cuz they know i got money for dayzz and the girl I love I am pretty sure she doesn't love me the same way I love her. Like it aint no petty shit like does my gf love me type shit its more like shes always down to fuck me but never down to go on a legit date or nothing but then the next minute she will bitch at me cuz we havent been on a date. Its like bruh I asked you a few days ago and you shot me down then had me go down on you which isn't bad cuz pussy is awesome but still man. I know im probs being used but at the same time this girl bipolar af and if you really love someone you are there for that person no matter what so that is why I can't really walk away.

    And Im on here drunk as fuck at 4 am because why? To tell ya the truth I cant really tell you, maybe I wont even hit the post button. but it just feels like nobody is there for me man. I dont got nobody. Not even my parents. Nobody wants anything to do with me unless Im paying for something.

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    You should find new friends that don't use you. If they only hang out with you when you pay for their shit, then they're not your friends. They won't be there when you need them.

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    CCCP, you’re right, but you also need to find friends in the first place.

    SBFL, you’re moving past the old people in your life. I no longer have any serious skater friends...they either moved away, stopped skating, or still do the same toxic shit I cant be around as a professional. As for your girl situation, enjoy the sex if that’s all it is. But find a girl who’s ready for something real. Why do you even like her, beyond physical attraction?

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    Sounds like this was a backwards ass way of bragging that you have a lot of money and a girl wants to have sex with you a lot haha

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